Automated warehousing AGV handling equipment elevates factory automation to a new level

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With the advancement of modern high technology such as computers, the performance and functions of AGV automated storage and handling equipment have been significantly improved, such as more advanced computer control systems, greater transportation volume, shorter transfer time, and reliable trolleys and controllers. Higher sex. The improvement of these technologies has brought about an increase in AGV usage scenarios and demands.

Statistical analysis of China's AGV sales: In 2018, China's AGV sales reached 29,600 units, an increase of 119% year-on-year from 13,500 units in 2017. In 2018, China's AGV market reached 4.25 billion yuan, and the market for AGV robot-related products increased compared with 2017 Achieved a 42.5% growth in the year. This explosive growth is mainly due to the outbreak of my country's logistics industry, and the trend of logistics automation is driving the accelerated growth of my country's AGV robots. Of course, the reason why AGV can explode is not only because of the good timing of the development of logistics automation, but more importantly, the high efficiency and flexibility brought by AGV. In addition, AGV robots replace manual operations, reduce labor costs, and avoid potential safety hazards during work.

Automated warehousing AGV handling equipment elevates factory automation to a new level

From the beginning of 2017, Shanghai Huiju Automation Technology Co., Ltd. began to enter the intelligent logistics automation industry and developed the OMV intelligent unmanned forklift in the logistics industry. It adopts two core technologies such as Mechram wheel technology and automatic navigation technology, which can drift freely in the two-dimensional plane without dead angles. It has the characteristics of four-wheel independent drive, precise micro-movement, and precise positioning. It can be equipped with wheel steering device It realizes the omni-directional movement of the car body such as straight, horizontal, oblique, autorotation and combined drift. In practical applications, this flexible method perfectly solves the problem that traditional equipment cannot operate freely in a small space, and can greatly save time and improve efficiency and save storage space for the warehousing and logistics handling links.

The research and application of AGVs in my country is relatively slow compared to Europe and the United States. AGVs have been independently developed since the 1960s. Only in recent years, China's demographic dividend has declined and labor costs have continued to rise, that the value of the AGV market has gradually been tapped. So far, AGV has been used in many manufacturing factories for automated transportation. AGV automated warehousing and handling equipment has achieved seamless integration with MES, ERP, WCS, etc., to achieve fully flexible and highly automated modern logistics, which can improve corporate management to modularity, intelligence and simplicity, and promote factory automation to a new level .


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