[Convergence] Analysis of the concept and application of AGV and OMV omnidirectional mobile vehicles

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With the increasing complexity of application scenarios, the requirements for mobile robots are also increasing. From AGV to OMV omnidirectional mobile vehicles , it also reflects the current development trend of mobile robots-more intelligent and flexible.

AGV is the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle, which means "Automated Guided Vehicle". AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices, capable of traveling along a prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. AGV has a long history of application and is currently widely used in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing.

OMV stands for "Omnibearing Moving Vehicle". It is a high-precision mobile device developed by Shanghai Huiju Automation Technology Co., Ltd. that is different from ordinary AGVs and can drift freely in two-dimensional plane without dead angles. It can realize the straight, side shift, and side shift of the car body without the need to assemble wheel steering devices. Oblique travel, rotation, combined drift and other omni-directional movement.

With the rapid development of logistics systems, the application range of AGV is also expanding. AGV systems are researching and designing an unmanned car system solution based on electromagnetic navigation. Through actual hardware experiments, the system can meet the expected design requirements and can be widely used In the fields of industry, military, transportation, electronics, etc., it has good environmental adaptability, anti-interference ability and target recognition ability.

[Convergence] Analysis of the concept and application of AGV and OMV omnidirectional mobile vehicles

OMV’s wheels use Mecanum wheel technology to achieve zero turning radius, side shift, omni-directional drift without dead angles, with four-wheel independent driving, precise micro-motion, precise positioning and other characteristics; guidance methods include magnetic navigation, visual navigation, and laser navigation. OMV can expand, communicate, and integrate a variety of industrial equipment and devices to become automated and unmanned equipment with a full range of intelligent mobile functions. Smooth transfer in a small space, precision docking assembly of large objects, transfer, and overhaul of high-precision machinery and equipment play an irreplaceable role for ordinary vehicles. At present, OMV is widely used in the manufacturing and maintenance of subways and high-speed railways; aircraft manufacturing and maintenance; aerospace vehicle transportation and assembly places; automated logistics warehousing system handling and other fields. It is the future of intelligent manufacturing, automation industry, and digital factories. Important equipment.

On the basis of traditional AGV, Convergence Automation creatively integrates the Mecanum wheel walking algorithm and navigation algorithm to develop the OMV omnidirectional mobile vehicle . Compared with the traditional AGV motion form, the Mecanum wheel must have a better competitive advantage in terms of driving mode, accuracy assurance, or automatic tracking, climbing and obstacle crossing capabilities.


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