AGV robot automatic feeding positioning system

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AGV robot automatic feeding positioning system

AGV robot automatic feeding positioning systemSystem Features:
1. Reducing the labor intensity of workers, allocating resources reasonably, and improving the image and efficiency of factories

2. Can reduce the cargo damage caused by manual irregular operation

3. The internal intelligent control of the system makes the goods placed more orderly and the workshop more tidy

4. Externally attached RFID landmark, easy to install, long life, users can code

5. The RFID reader communicates with PLC or SCM and other devices through RS232 interface

6. RFID reader adopts low power consumption design, high sensitivity and stable data transmission

7. Industrial grade design, dustproof, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, suitable for harsh industrial environments

8. The system has strong flexibility, which can allow the maximum change of path planning

9. Mainly used in the field of material handling in manufacturing industries such as mechanical processing and home appliance production

System principle:
1. Install an RFID reader directly under the AGV robot feed head, place pallets, racks, bins and other goods on the transport truck for transportation. The FID reader recognizes the RFID landmarks on the rail nodes to select the station for feeding

2. Install the RID landmark with the site code on the track node on the material transportation route. After placing the material on the AGV robot feed, the control center issues the instruction (feeding route) to the PLC controller. After the PLC receives the instruction, it controls the feed truck to start and Start shipping materials as instructed

3. The RFID reader recognizes the position information stored in the RFID landmark and feeds it back to the PLC controller (control system module). After the PLC receives the encoded data and processes the information, it controls the AGV robot to feed the material and selects the station to stop according to the feeding route.

4. After the material arrives at the station, the AGV robot can deliver the material at the next station according to the instruction. After all the feeding instructions are completed, the feeding car returns to the starting point according to the set route


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